Our Team

Founder/Counsellor/Graphic Designer – Umm Rayyan.

Umm Rayyan has graduated with bachelors in psychology from the University of Madras. She has also completed the fundamentals of Islam course from IRGC (Chennai) and is currently pursuing an Associate degree in Islamic Psychology from IOU and Diploma in CBT from the Centre of Excellence (UK). She considers herself an on going student of Islam.

A mother of two, she believes as a Muslim woman in improvising the different roles she is entrusted with and fulfilling the responsibility that comes with it to the best of her ability.

She is a passionate advocate of building a connection with Allahﷻ‬ as the fundamental aspect of working towards building a connection with the self and those around.

With this foundation of belief, her goal is to help her sisters in deen to overcome their tribulations to reach their potential. ‎إن شاء الله‬.

Iffat Abdullah Shariff- Co Founder

Iffat Abdullah Shariff has done her Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of Madras and currently pursuing a diploma in CBT and she considers herself an ongoing student of Islam.

She is grateful to Allah‎ﷻ‬ for providing her with an opportunity to use her knowledge to address prevalent concerns and contentions Islamically. Her ultimate aim is to assist her sisters in deen to develop and better their trial-coping techniques.

“Unquestionably the help of Allah is near” (Quran2:214).

She believes all help is from Allah‎ﷻ‬ alone and He works in unfathomable ways to enable it and she, in her small way wants to do her bit for the sake of Allah‎ﷻ‬.

Umm Marwan Ibrahim – Counsellor

Umm Marwan has completed her BA in Islamic Studies from the Islamic Online University, and her Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy from the NLP Centre of Excellence.

With a deep passion for the written and spoken words, Umm Marwan finds immense pleasure in helping sisters overcome their sorrows and self-debilitating thoughts using the Word of Allah, and the stories of prophets (peace be on them all).

She also freelances as writer/copy editor for various Islamic organisations and independent clients online.

Find her at http://www.ummarwanportfolio.wordpress.com

Shazia Abdulla Ahmed- Counselor

Shazia Abdullah Ahmed الحمد لله‎‬ is a daughter, a new bride, an Entrepreneur, and a lifelong learner.

‎الحمد لله‎‬ She has a Diploma in Islamic Studies & Arabic Language from Umm Al Qura University. She has worked as a Da’iyah & translator for the Custodian of the Two Holy mosques Hajj group. She has also done Certifications in Leadership and Personal Development from IOU.

Shaher Ban(Bint Najem)- Counselor

Shaher Ban (Bint Najem) has done her bachelors in Psychology and is currently pursuing a degree in Islamic Psychology from the Islamic Online University.

She is also a Course Facilitator at the diploma Campus of IOU and is part of the Counseling team of Aspiring Counselors Club (ACC).

Arshi Parvez Dokadia- Counselor

Arshi Parvez Dokadia is a student of Psyhology. She has completed a Certificate Course in Clinical Psychology of Children and Adolescents, currently pursuing final year of graduation and plans to pursue further education in therapy and counseling.
She is a student of Islam at the Islamic Online University and tries to grasp as muhc as she an through different sisters in Deen and Islamic Speakers.
She follows the Aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah and continues to strive to be better Muslim.

Azeema Shahul – Content Manager/Blog Editor 

Azeema Shahul, a Chennaite Entrepreneur is a technocrat by academics, a Senior level technical recruiter by professional experience but her passion and determination to acquire expertise in the area of Baking paves the way to the incipience of ‘The Dessert Hut”, www.facebook.com/thedesserthut & www.thedesserthut.com.

Azeema is also a Corporate Trainer, Motivational Coach, Blogger and also an Islamic/Personal Counsellor as contributing to the society is her main intention. She also blogs a collection of Motivational Islamic articles at http://www.muhumin.wordpress.com, shares her tested recipes at http://www.azeeskitchen.com as part of her contribution to the society.

Azeema has also served as an ICT and Islamic Studies Teacher for a reputed International School for few years and has completed her basic Islamic Studies Course from IRGC.

Her long time desire to start a food commercial and make an impact in the food industry begins with the foundation building of this trifling hut, ‘The Dessert Hut’. She has a strong belief that venturing into entrepreneurship brings real empowerment. Currently, she is also associated with CoInspireIT Services (www.coinspireit.com), an upcoming IT Firm as a Head of Operations.